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Wow, so this thing does more than just talk my freakin' ear off...

Yo, Sasuke! If you can see this, let me know where you ended up. I found myself in a horrible place... Seriously, the people here are terrible with guests.

And... Lloyd, Sheena, Raine... Well... all of you, I guess... If you're out there, let me know.

(Heh... I guess that's all I really have to say... Other than this place is absolutely terrible and I really wish I was back home... Seriously, if any of you are here, we've gotta figure out a way to get back. And quickly.)

[screen hackable to those with skillz]
If none of you are here, though, I think I might be screwed...I don't know how much more of this ~lovely~ city I can take. They treat me like I'm walking misfortune... It's the total opposite of back home. Heh, I guess this is punishment. That old woman kept talking about “karma”. All I can think is... how ironic.

Jeez, I never thought it'd be possible to genuinely miss you losers! I really hope I'm wrong in feeling like I'm the only one here... Seriously, Lloyd, you're supposed to be the hero of our group... Where the hell are you?
[/end screen]

... Guess I should be getting back to work, now... The boss might throw me back out on the streets, if he catches me on this stupid thing instead of doing my job...
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ᴄʜᴀʀᴀᴄᴛᴇʀ: Zelos Wilder
sᴇʀɪᴇs & ʟɪɴᴋ: Tales of Symphonia (manga); ymphonia
ᴄᴀɴᴏɴ ᴘᴏɪɴᴛ: Post-Story

ᴘᴇʀsᴏɴᴀʟɪᴛʏ: [The Truth Beyond the Mask]

Zelos tends to act as his group's comic relief. He is rarely ever outwardly serious. He loves to makes light of serious or dire situations-especially those regarding his friends. He believes that dwelling on the bad, only prevents people from moving forward in life and letting go of pain. Unfortunately, almost all of his happy demeanor is a mask. By hiding his pain, he feels he makes things easier on himself and others-he does not have to talk about what is giving him pain; and, as a result, bringing the pain right back to the surface. It also helps him avoid other people looking at him with sad eyes, telling him how sorry they are for his past, or generally treating him in a different way. He prefers for his friends to continue treating him as they do while he is happy. Perhaps he simply wishes to feel as “normal” as possible-and to pretend that the things that currently haunt him never actually happened.

Zelos can be surprisingly sensitive at times. He hates to see other people hurting, and is always ready to cheer his friends up. He is scolded by said friends for his “inconsiderate” behavior, where they feel being serious is more suited to the situation. It is revealed, then, that he believes that dwelling on what they cannot undo is worse than pretending it never happened.

He is notorious for his love of women, always knowing how to grant them compliments based on their looks. Charming each and every pretty woman he sees could probably be called a life's goal of his. He gets joy out of pleasing women, period. It could likely have a lot to do with the fact that he believes that his mother hated him. Perhaps he unconsciously seeks the approval of other women, to make up for lost time of lacking a mother's love. Either way, he almost seems addicted to women, period. This, in turn, has resulted in his value of his outer looks. When Lloyd's group crash lands on Zelos and the Chosen's house meet Zelos, the future main hero is scolded by Zelos because they could have scratched his face. To put it simply, he is rather vain about his looks. He feels that his face is somewhat of a “money ticket” to get the acceptance and admiration in which he craves from women. He is always hoping to meet a pretty girl, in hopes of receiving gifts in exchange for compliments and successful wooing. He even enjoys hitting on his own female team members, despite their being very annoyed (especially with the nicknames he gives them).

Zelos is actually quite perceptive. He notices things that most people do not. When someone is attempting to hide the truth or the fact that they are lying about something, Zelos will tend to notice it. He may not know what the lie is about, but he will definitely see that something is off about them. On the contrary, he is an amazing liar; which, in turn, grants him amazing acting skills. When he betrayed the group to kidnap Colette, it was a major surprise to everyone. Nobody seemed to have any idea that it was going to happen.

He felt really bad about hurting his friends. The only reason he was going to keep his agreement with the Angels, was that they promised him something that he wanted most-to be free from being the Chosen. It is not until after the fact, that Zelos realizes that he can still get what he wants through Lloyd. He realizes that the two of them have exactly the same goal, in the end. He ends up making up for his mistake of kidnapping Colette, by helping the group rescue her right back from the angels. Lloyd seems to instantly forgive Zelos, which is almost unexpected (for those that momentarily forget just what kind of person the half-angel is). Zelos becomes even more loyal to Lloyd, as a result. He silently vows to stand by his new-found best friend.

Despite his kidnapping Colette, Zelos seems to have a soft spot for her. He is actually very similar to his fellow Chosen. It could, perhaps, be because he feels they share the same unfortunate fate as a “sacrifice” to their worlds. Personality-wise, both tend to bottle up any worries or insecurities they might be feeling. They both wear masks of cheery personalities, as an effort to not have to deal with the others worrying about them. This, in turn, brings consequences. By bottling up such intense feelings, they tend to silently suffer; and, consequently, end up causing their friends to feel guilty (mainly because they feel they should have noticed the pain of their two comrades sooner).

Zelos seems a bit harsh towards his sister, after their mothers' deaths. In truth, he resents her due to the fact that he thinks that she hates him. After being forced by Lloyd and the others to go see Seles (after their journey), he learns that she never hated him from the start. They begin to rebuild their relationship, soon after, with Seles agreeing to move into Zelos' home.

Also, Zelos still harbors a tiny bit of resentment toward half-elves, due to his past experience with one. He believes there is good reason for the racism that society holds toward them. Fortunately, traveling with Genis and Raine helps him with this inherent stereotyping he does.

sᴀᴍᴘʟᴇ: “Owwww!!!”

The red head exclaims, vigorously rubbing his neck as he stands. Immediately, he begins scanning his surroundings with narrowed eyes, “This place... is definitely new.”

A frown graces his normally cheerful expression as he blinks a couple of times in surprise. This is a joke, right? Seriously, it must be. One second he was standing there, waiting on Lloyd at the base of The Great Tree; then, next, he was...

...hit over the head. Wait, so... Someone really did do this!

“When I find out who did this, I'll have to be sure to show my gratitude...” The sarcastic tone is blended with a nice tone of bitterness. He lets out a sigh, narrowing his eyes in annoyance. For now, though, he will have to resort to finding out exactly where this is (after all, trying to figure things out when you're hungry and have a sudden headache is never a good idea). Attempting to stretch the pain away, to no avail, he begins walking. He is carefully watching the area around him as he does so. After all, he has no idea what to expect around here. As a precaution, he has his hand rested on the hilt of the blade at his side.

Fortunately, he is lucky enough to not encounter anything hostile. Honestly, he is rather surprised at this fact. As the ex-Chosen stands there, staring at the town before him, he lets out a breath of relief. Maybe there will be a place he can rest (and hopefully get rid of this headache).
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